Range of Shipping Containers for Sale

Wide Range of Shipping Containers for Sale in Gauteng


While cargo of all shapes and sizes was once loaded into a ship’s hold and secured by ropes to prevent it from breaking loose and becoming damaged during rough weather, thankfully, in most cases, this practice has been abandoned – and for good reason. Instead, most seagoing cargo is now packed into one of the sturdy shipping containers offered for sale to marine freight lines and haulage companies.

The idea of packing bulk items into a standardised metal box has revolutionised the traditional marine freight industry. Their uniform, rectangular design makes it easy for dock workers to stack them securely while enabling the maximum use of the available stowage space both above and below decks.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Cargo ships now carry loads that were previously deemed impossible. Credit for this must go to more than 5 million units similar to the various shipping containers for sale around the world and estimated to be in active use on any one day. Inevitably, this form of storage has also prompted the construction of super-sized ships with many times the capacity of a conventional freighter.

All told, these units are likely to make something in the region of 200 million trips in any given year. Add to these, those that are parked on docksides, in container yards, on various other storage sites or that have been repurposed, the total number of units worldwide could be as much as 170 million.

A Good Investment

The estimated lifespan of the shipping containers for sale today is around 20 years, so buyers can look forward to a healthy return on their investment. However, for those whose needs may be more short-term, some companies offer the option to lease.

If for any reason it may be necessary to retire a unit early, there is always a demand for pre-owned units and the opportunity to recoup some of the initial cost. While some buyers may wish to continue using them to transport freight by sea or overland, their rectangular shape and tough construction make them an ideal subject for conversion to anything from a site office to low-cost housing. That’s an option that might be worth remembering when checking out shipping containers for sale.

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