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Office Containers

Absolute Containers can assist you in purchasing or renting an office container to suit your mobile office needs. Our standard office containers are available in 6m and 12m sizes. Making use of containerised office space offers a cost-efficient and quick to construct building alternative that limits day to day business interruptions that allows you to continue working normally. In more recent years there has been an increased need for affordable, high-quality office space that ultimately resulted in the revolution of office containers as we know it today.

Office Container Conversions

Office container additional amenities include:

  • Insulated offices.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Great lighting.
  • Windows for natural lighting.
  • Power plugs.
  • Plain for storage of documents & files.
  • Security features.

NOTE: Additional items can be added at an extra cost to meet your requirements.

At Absolute Containers we offer budget-conscious, well-designed, and comfortable office containers that are perfectly suited to a variety of circumstances and industries. Moreover, our office units are intended to meet both temporary and permanent site placement demands.


Executive Office Containers (Insultation)

Available in 6m and 12m Configurations x 2.4m

40mm EPS Insulation with chromadek walls inside.

Rubberised floors.

Electrics including DB, 2 / 3 lights, 2 or 3 Plugs.

12000BTU air-conditioner.

2 steel windows with blinds.

2 or 3 steel windows with blinds.

Steel door with 3 lever lock.


Basic Office Containers

Available in 6m and 12m Configurations x 2.4m.

Electrics including DB, 2 lights, 2 plugs.

Steel door with 3 lever lock.

2 steel windows.

Shipping containers can be utilised to provide additional business office space that is cost effective, quick to construct and easy to move that allows you and your staff to be 100% productive! while gaining more office space.


Office container uses include

Permanent office space for expanding businesses.

On-site offices for projects.

Mobile office space for construction sites.

Event conference offices.

NOTE: Different configurations available via special request.

Call Absolute Containers today for cost-effective shipping container building solutions.