These buildings are created in various types of panels and according to the specifications of our clients. This is the best option for larger scaled buildings that are built on site. We have options that offer both fire and NHRBC requirements to be met. The advantage of building using modular designs is the speed and less labour intensive time on site. Our modular buildings are created from various types of SIP panels, and systems are modular and flexible to meet the size and specifications of our clients. Our technical team will assist you to create a modular building that meets all your needs and requirements.

Polycore Building System

Panelised building system that is cost effective, fast and flexible. Our cheapest and most popular building system.

A-SIP Building System

Our Agrément approved product which meets the building code (SANS10400). 30 Minute Fire Rating, Insulation Value of R2.2 and 45DB Sound Reduction.

Polycore system can be updated to SANS10400 building via our Agrément certified system at a later date

We are able to provide site built and/or factory built modules with the following advantages of factory built housing:


We are able to produce units considerably faster than conventional building systems. Site work can proceed in conjunction with the top structure.


Factory built accommodation with specialist workers ensures consistent quality, which isn’t always easy with site built accommodation.


The use of standardised materials allows Absolute Container to ensure quality materials at good prices.


The building systems are able to accommodate many designs with different finishes and can easily be upgraded to or added to.


Factory built accommodation ensures that waste is reduced, and what waste there is, is properly disposed of and recycled.

Contact us and our technical team will assist you to create a modular building that meets all your requirements