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Mobile Classrooms

We offer specialised mobile classrooms to purchase and standard units as a rent option. At Absolute Containers we manufacture our classrooms either onsite or in our yard, to suit client’s specifications. Having over a decades experience in the shipping container business has helped us become SA’s leader in customised modular solutions and has put us in the forefront of providing prefabricated classroom buildings, park-home classrooms, container classrooms and double-wide classrooms to under-developed rural areas.

Containers Converted into Classrooms

Absolute Containers specialises in classroom container sales and conversions. We are dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective classrooms that help increase access to learning to help overcome the challenge of lack of classroom space faced by many rural schools in South Africa. Over the years we have worked hand in hand with the Government and many other clients in the provision of mobile classrooms to under resourced schools.

We make use of quality materials to provide clients with customised classrooms that are manufactured to withstand African climate conditions. Customised classrooms lead time significantly depends on the client requirements, as manufacturing and preparation periods differ from unit to unit.

A popular classroom choice amongst clients is our standard 7x7m park home classroom that helps provide a quality classroom alternative. At Absolute Containers, our classrooms are suitable for kindergarten to tertiary level education and can include standard amenities such as plumbing, electrical points, insulation, lighting, and windows etc.

Customised classrooms to suit your needs

  • Classrooms are mobile and are easily transported, making it a great option for urban or rural areas.
  • Mobile Classrooms provide the ideal solution for a temporary or permanent learning space.
  • Cost-effective to suit educational and training facility needs.
  • Mobile classrooms can easily be relocated to a different site.
  • Available in different sizes built for purchase: (NB only standard units and layouts for rental options).
    • Park Homes:6m x3m, 9m x 3m, 12 x 3m, 7x7m.
    • Containers: 6m x 2.44m or 12 x 2.44m.
  • Quick turnaround time with delivery you can trust.
  • Using quality materials to provide a safe learning environment.
  • Classrooms are ready to use upon arrival.

At an extra cost, additional facilities (such as enhanced security, fire safety, solar-power, first-aid equipment, and furniture etc.) may be added to meet your requirements.

Shipping Containers Classrooms
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