New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Gauteng

The Demand in Gauteng is Growing

Several factors are responsible for driving the growing interest in shipping containers for sale in Gauteng, including high property and construction prices. Rampant inflation, the weak rand, and high interest rates are making it difficult for citizens and businesses to obtain a loan to purchase property or extend an existing building. In addition, these same financial pressures, coupled with an acute job shortage, have been forcing many South African families to seek a new future overseas.

Any worthwhile motivational coach will assure you that one person’s problems can often become an opportunity for someone else. In this case, the manufacturers and suppliers of shipping containers have been called upon to provide practical and affordable solutions.


Some Typical Uses for Shipping Containers for Sale in Gauteng

The original purpose of containerising goods was to reduce the long hours spent loading and unloading cargo vessels. Today, it remains the most affordable way for South Africans to ship the contents of their homes when relocating overseas. However, these units can be indispensable even when stationary, providing temporary secure storage space for furniture during home renovations or a cheap second garage that requires no planning permission.


Shipping Containers For Sale in Gauteng


For such purposes, little or no modification is necessary, but with the attention of skilled engineers, the possibilities are endless. The following are just a few of the more innovative uses for shipping containers:

  • Low-Cost Housing: These rectangular steel boxes form the modules to assemble anything from a one-bedroom bachelor pad to a luxury four-bed simplex, duplex, or even an entire apartment block, slashing conventional construction costs fivefold or more. In addition to efficient insulation, windows, and doors, solar panels or a mains connection provide the power for lighting, climate control, and appliances.
  • Specialised Structures: Growing demands and insufficient government funding have created a need for a more affordable means to deliver essential services like education and healthcare. Shipping containers for sale in Gauteng are being converted into temporary classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, while healthcare in rural areas could benefit from mobile clinics and even emergency operating rooms.
  • Industrial Applications: Shipping containers were designed for easy road, rail, and sea transportation and are thus an ideal source of temporary buildings for mobile industries like construction and mining. For the builders, they offer the prospect of secure storage for equipment, as well as site and sales offices. For a mine, containers can provide hostel accommodation, labs, and ablution blocks.


We at Absolute Containers offer shipping containers for sale in Gauteng and a team of skilled and experienced engineers to transform them. We invite you to learn more about how we are helping to change lives and businesses daily.