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Given that South Africa’s administrative capital city is far from the nearest port, many might be surprised by the demand for shipping containers by those in and around Pretoria. In practice, there are numerous factories in the industrial areas on the city’s outskirts, and many of these produce goods for export. The design of these units suits them perfectly for transportation by rail or road to a suitable port where they will embark on their overseas journey.

When first introduced in the mid-50s, these steel boxes created an unprecedented boom in maritime trade. Until then, loading and unloading cargo kept dock workers busy for two or three days. Having the goods already loaded reduced that time to a few hours. Consequently, shipping containers have served to reduce freight costs for exporters in Pretoria and cities across the globe. The robust steel structure helps to protect the contents from damage due to seawater, rain, and rough seas throughout their passage. Furthermore, their uniform shape and size enable vessels to transport vast loads that would have been impossible before the subsequent introduction of giant container ships. That also means cargos spend less time sitting on the dockside awaiting space.

Because of their relatively straightforward rectangular design, these rugged corrugated steel shipping containers are surprisingly inexpensive. Also, buying used units can be markedly cheaper. However, Pretoria’s exporters are no longer the only ones in South Africa interested in buying them. The market for used units is growing. Some of those purchases will serve to house export goods or transfer the personal possessions of families who have chosen to emigrate. However, others will be repurposed. There is virtually no limit to the potential uses for these rigid metal boxes for anyone with sufficient vision and the skills and facilities to convert them.

Exceptional transportability is a key benefit of shipping containers and a common reason why many in Pretoria choose this option. Suitably refurbished, a single 6- or 12-metre-long unit could become a mobile site office for a construction company, which an owner can relocate anywhere with a flatbed truck. Aid organisations could also use these units to create mobile clinics and classrooms to support the needs of remote rural communities.

Modular components offer a means to simplify the construction process. The standard dimensions and rectangular shape of shipping containers have enabled one innovative company in Pretoria to excel in this field. We design and manufacture high-quality, attractive, and practical yet surprisingly inexpensive Park Homes. Be sure to deal only with Absolute Containers if you are interested in new or expertly refurbished units and ways to repurpose them.

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