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How Are Shipping Container Buildings Made?

Imagination is a Primary Requirement for Constructing Container Buildings


The worldwide demand for shipping container buildings is snowballing. So, what does it take to make these rather dull-looking metal storage boxes habitable? Perhaps the most fundamental requirement is imagination and an ability to think “out of the box”, no pun intended. When one compares the elaborate structures seen around the globe today with the first efforts to convert these storage vessels into garages, offices, and similar basic facilities, it becomes clear that this growing new industry has since undergone a quantum leap. Its goal is faster, cheaper, and more sustainable construction.


These rectangular shipping containers come in standard sizes and are like an outsized version of the iconic Danish Lego blocks. These units offer the imaginative designer an ideal starting point for creating low-cost modular structures in double-quick time. They can be used singly or joined together end-to-end, back-to-back, or even on top of one another, providing almost unlimited scope when planning a container building. This initiative in the Netherlands is a classic example of innovative thinking.


What are the Practical Considerations When Constructing Shipping Container Buildings?


To some extent, the practical requirements for these structures will depend on their intended use. For example, suppose a converted shipping container will be used purely as storage space for building materials or heavy equipment. In that case, windows might be ill-advised, and a securely locked door is likely to be far more important. However, if the conversion is intended for human occupation, a few basic facilities will be essential to ensure their comfort and facilitate day-to-day activities.


  • Insulation:


Steel is just a bit too efficient at conducting heat. Good internal and external insulation is essential on all surfaces to prevent container buildings from becoming uncomfortably hot or cold.


  • Energy:


An electricity supply will be necessary to power lighting, heating, air conditioning, and other appliances on the premises. If the structure is intended as a cold storage facility, power will be required for the refrigeration system. In either case, the electricity may be obtained from a nearby mains connection or generated by rooftop solar panels. Conduits, hidden behind the cladding on walls and ceiling, carry the necessary cabling.


  • Water:


Units can be provided with the necessary fittings for connection to the municipal supply or a borehole if required.


  • Aesthetics:


Container buildings make great offices, park homes, classrooms, libraries, and numerous other types of accommodation, and stylish internal finishes can add the final touch and make the difference between mere shelter and comfortable accommodation.


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Park Homes to Rent - Modern Shipping Containers - Container Buildings