Which of the Available Shipping Containers Pretoria Will Best Meet Your Needs?

New and used shipping containers Pretoria are in high demand, either by South Africans relocating or those seeking a more affordable accommodation option. However you decide to use them, these sturdy steel shipping containers for sale will be the solution.

Containers not only offer a safe and convenient means for exporters to ship their products overseas but are also an option for individuals who need to transport or store furniture or equipment. Alternatively, they can be repurposed to create prefabricated buildings for a seemingly endless range of uses.

However, whether buying or renting, anyone wishing to transport or store goods must understand the various types of containers for sale and their uses to ensure their requirements are adequately met.


How to Choose Shipping Containers Pretoria

Here is some information that will help you choose the right shipping containers Pretoria: 

  • For Transport or Storage: A standard container will suffice for manufactured items like machine parts, furniture, and white goods; the only concern will be capacity. The 6-metre model has an internal volume of around 33 cubic metres, while the 12-metre standard unit holds slightly less than the high cube variant, approximately 68 m3 and 76 m3,Standard shipping containers for rent or sale are unsuitable if you plan to transport perishable items like fruit, vegetables, and dairy products by road, rail, or sea or store them for an extended period. Speak to your supplier about reefer containers and options like temperature, humidity, and atmosphere monitoring and control to ensure you choose the most suitable type for your contents.


  • For Accommodation: Prefabricated buildings are gaining popularity, driven by escalating material costs, steep interest rates, concerns about the adverse environmental impact of concrete, and the need for a more sustainable construction The possibilities are almost endless when using shipping containers Pretoria as the building blocks. The following are just a few examples:
  • Simplex and duplex homes with multiple bedrooms
  • Poolside facilities like bars and changing rooms
  • Additional classrooms to offset overcrowding in schools
  • Temporary or mobile clinics and vaccination centres to serve people in isolated rural areas
  • An extra garage to meet the needs of a growing family
  • Hostels and ablution blocks for itinerant workers like miners and construction workers
  • Equipment stores and site and sales offices for building companies
  • Spaza shops and pop-up food stalls


Finding Shipping Containers Pretoria

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