Wacky Container Conversions

Wacky Container Conversions

Here at Absolute Containers we do all sorts of container conversions and most of our client’s needs are pretty standard. Most of our clients use shipping containers as site offices on construction sites. We also create a lot of walk-in freezers for our customers. Many times, a client simply needs a shipping container for extra storage space or to use as a refuse bin. But, since we’re on the topic of container conversions, we thought we would give you a few examples of the more off-the-wall and wacky ideas for shipping container conversions:

1.An intrepid business man in Wallingford, Seattle has constructed a quaint guest house. What makes this guest house different from other guest houses is that it’s built entirely out of used shipping containers. Each chalet is fitted with all the amenities including AC, a kitchenette and satellite TV and rated as one of the best guest houses in the area.

2. Everyone loves a good swim now and again. Especially on a hot, South African summer’s day, right? Well, have you ever imagined swimming in a shipping container pool? A US based company called Macro-Sea created several pools at a party hosted in Brooklyn, New York recently. These pools are completely self-contained with a filtration system and made from shipping containers.

That looks absolutely refreshing!

3. Ever went camping in a caravan? A lot of fun, isn’t it? Well, a company in New Zealand has taken the idea of a caravan and applied it to a shipping container. This amazing mobile home looks like a normal shipping container but, at the push of a button, it folds out into the perfect holiday home, complete with a deck, a lofted sleeping area, large internal cupboards, a kitchen, a shower and bathroom with a toilet and a dressing room. It’s even solar powered. But don’t get your hopes up. It’s not available in SA yet and it retails at a hefty US$9000!

4. I don’t think anyone can imagine a veggi farm in the center of Johannesburg, can they? A French artist and designer named Damien Chivialle has come up with a new concept of creating a micro farm, complete with greenhouse and organic veggie garden, entirely built out of a shipping container. These Urban Farm Units (UFU’s) are completely self-contained, and is powered by an aquaponics system that can easily produce fresh fruit, veggie’s and even fish.

5. I’m sure many of us have driven past that new student apartment complex in Newtown made from shipping containers. Well, in Holland, shipping containers converted into low-cost housing is making a big entrance, specifically due to their housing problems. In London, England, local municipalities are using shipping containers to provide low-cost housing and homeless shelters for the poor on disused lots.

6. We all like to knock back a few cold ones after work or during a night out, don’t we? Well, a business owner in Christchurch, New Zealand has opened up a nightclub made entirely out of shipping containers. Called the Cargo Bar, ironically enough, this nightclub features a fully stocked bar, kitchen and several dance floors and often hosts upmarket parties and social functions.

A container complex in London.

7. Speaking of clubs and restaurants, a popular Mexican eatery in London’s trendy suburb of Soho called Wahaca is built entirely of shipping containers. But don’t let that fool you. As far as Mexican eateries go, this one is very trendy and apparently very upmarket. They follow a strict dress code and patrons can spend a pretty penny on all the delectable meals and cocktails.

8. And, finally, we all know that shipping containers can be used for anything but have you ever heard of a shipping container being used for bug extermination? A country house outside London apparently uses a converted shipping container to rid their expensive carpets of creepy crawlies. The container has been converted into a freezer and, instead of relying on pesticides; the owners keep the carpets at -20 degrees Celsius for two weeks to rid themselves of the carpet-chomping critters.

Well, we’re happy to have brought you some of the wacky, quirky container conversions the world over. Remember; here at Absolute Containers we are always open to new ideas and new innovations and new customers. So, if you’re looking to add some additional space to your home or business, give us a call and maybe we can come up with a few madcap conversions as well.

Yip, the Cargo Bar is a classy place.