Shipping Containers for Sale in South Africa

Think Outside the Box with Our Shipping Containers for Sale


Sometimes, in order to think outside the box, you have to get inside the box. And sometimes, you have to put a few boxes together, put in some windows, add some lights and furniture, splash on a coat of paint, and turn the boxes into a beautiful home or office. We’re not talking about cardboard boxes here, but we are talking about shipping containers for sale.

These big metal boxes are no longer only used to transport goods. They are used to construct houses, stores, swimming pools, offices, and so much more. If you want a creative way to build your home, a flat in your garden, or a new office, you definitely need to consider using one of our shipping containersSales of these containers have grown in recent years and for very good reason.

Why You Should Invest in One Today

Perhaps the recent Coronavirus pandemic has forced you to reconsider your living arrangements, and you want to downsize to a smaller home without sacrificing on aesthetics. Maybe you’re looking to build a garden flat that your parents can move into or create a space for your son or daughter who might have to move back home temporarily.

Maybe you’ve realised that you really enjoy working from home during the lockdown period and no longer want to spend a fortune playing rent for your office space. You can get a container or two and build an office on your property. This allows you to have your office far enough away from the main house so that it doesn’t encroach on home life but close enough to home to make life a lot easier and more affordable.

Another pro about using shipping containers for sale is that you do not need to make a big commitment. Unlike a typical brick and mortar structure, it will be a lot easier to change or move your flat or home office if it’s built from shipping containers. You also don’t need to make as much of a financial commitment. Shipping containers for sale are a lot more affordable than concrete buildings. When building a typical brick and mortar home, flat, or office space, there can be a lot of hidden and unexpected costs involved. When it comes to investing in shipping containers, a lot of the work that goes into building the container is already included in the costs. The total amount that you have to pay to build your home office or flat is thus a lot more predictable.

If you are sold on the idea of getting a shipping container, we are here and ready to help you turn your creative vision into reality. Chat to us today and find out about our various products on sale.