The Different Types of Containers

South Africa used to have two factories that specialised in manufacturing new shipping containers, but unfortunately closed down. Now most shipping containers are manufactured in China. When a container reaches the end of its shipping life they are sold as second-hand containers and are quite popular. In South Africa there is an informal container grading system which attempts to categorise these second-hand containers according to their appearance. This grading system is unfortunately not a scientific means and is not consistent across suppliers.

The below image is the grading template used for second-hand containers showing quality and differences between B and C Grade containers:

There are four distinct sizes of shipping containers:

  • 6-meter or 20ft
  • 6-meter high cube or 20ft HC
  • 12-meter or 40ft
  • 12-meter high cube or 40ft HC

Shipping containers offer secure storage, the ability to be transported even full, they are robust and great value. Shipping containers although commonly used for storage do have a variety of uses since they may be converted and customised. Many conversions include but not limited to offices, accommodation, restaurants, ablutions, and classrooms.

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