Rent Containers: Tailored Solutions for Every Requirement

When it comes to investing in property, residential or commercial, it is often prudent to test the waters before making a financial commitment of this magnitude. We at Absolute Containers have made it possible for you to rent containers as storage, office space, or as a future home with the option of turning your temporary investment into a permanent one should you become more established or find your surroundings ideal.


Rent Containers: A Low-Cost, Low-Risk Storage Option


At Absolute Containers, we have found the perfect solution to storage woes with our rent containers, offering a practical alternative to traditional facilities. These containers require minimal set up and can be delivered to a designated location upon request. We understand that plans change, and should the need arise, the rental period of our 6- or 12-metre containers can be extended to accommodate your requirements.


Shipping containers offer versatile options for storage and are particularly advantageous for temporary needs. This is especially useful in instances where one-time projects need to be completed, or when relocating and preferring to rent containers for accommodation before permanently settling down. For those wanting to expand existing storage capacity, they provide a flexible and secure solution.


Basic and Executive Office Containers


Our 6-metre containers for additional office space are wired for your convenience. Small windows on either side of the lockable door provide ample light and airflow, providing the perfect ambient temperature when sorting through several boxes or filing cabinets to find the documents you need.


Insulated for regulated temperature control and comfort, our executive office containers provide you with a temporary base to conduct meetings, provide shared mobile work stations, and in some instances, accommodation. What we have done is revamped standard 6- and 12-metre shipping containers, added EPS panels for a clean, sophisticated finish, and provided you with the tools so that you can simply plug in and get going. For your peace of mind, we have included a three-lever lock for improved security.


Instant Mobile Space Solutions with Park Homes


Contrary to popular belief, park homes are more than just four walls, windows, and doors, they present business owners with instant mobile space solutions. These park homes give you more width, are insulated both inside and out, and can be easily relocated if required. Manufactured on our premises, we have made them more aesthetically pleasing than our containers, thereby providing you with not only a possible permanent premises for your business, but with a few tweaks and changes, we can customise your choice of park home and convert it into a temporary abode.


Whether you are an expanding business, home seeker, or hoarder, you can rent containers that provide you with the affordable platform to get started. Shipping containers are so adaptable and flexible, they can even be restored and converted for refrigeration or cold storage. Contact us at Absolute Containers if you want to buy or rent containers or park homes.

Ablution Container with Outside View - Rent Containers