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How to Decide Which Size is Best When Renting Storage Containers

Renting or buying storage containers can solve many problems for businesses and homeowners, but how does one select which size might be best? In practice, these metal boxes are manufactured in several different sizes and are often specially designed for a particular function. However, for shipping purposes, most are of standard dimensions, and the two most widely used are classified as either six- or twelve-metre units, although they are, in fact, slightly longer as these figures are converted from 20 and 40 feet, respectively.


In terms of height and width, these are approximately the same, at around 2.38 metres. While initially intended for dry shipping marine freight, new and used units can be easily repurposed. For example, their standard dimensions make them ideal for constructing modular buildings. On the other hand, they are equally effective for various onshore storage tasks.


Choosing Between the Six- and Twelve-Metre Storage Containers


Naturally, choosing the most suitable size will depend upon what one intends to store in it. If you have a fixed number of items and it is safe to stack them, the smaller unit has a maximum capacity of just over 33 cubic metres. That’s enough room to store the contents of a two-bedroom home while it’s being renovated. Incidentally, you don’t need to rent or purchase a container if you are exporting goods. The shipping company includes the use of one as part of the service. There is no need to buy storage containers unless you intend to use them at your destination.


Maybe you own a construction company and are looking for a convenient means to transport equipment between sites and store it. There’s a chance that some jobs may require more equipment than others, perhaps an additional vehicle. In that case, you would be wise to opt for a 12-metre unit. It will be simpler and cheaper to transport than renting two smaller containers. Incidentally, the 6-metre model should also prove more than adequate if you need a transportable site office. However, both sizes will fit on a suitable flatbed truck. So, if you’re planning to operate a sales office later, the larger 12-metre unit will provide sufficient extra space to include display models, your site plan, and a lounge area to serve coffee for prospective buyers.


Maybe you don’t have a garage to park your second vehicle. It could be risky to leave it in your driveway overnight. The 6-metre unit should accommodate the average car with room to spare,


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