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New and Quality Used Shipping Containers for Sale

While the first units were produced in America, around 97% of the shipping containers for sale worldwide are now manufactured in China due to the country’s substantially lower labour costs. The two factories that once constructed these items in South Africa could not match the price of imported products and failed to survive. Many of these large steel boxes are used only a few times or, in some cases, just once. Others may only be retired after a decade or two. Consequently, there is now a thriving trade in second-hand units in most countries.

Despite their close association with marine freight, one of the greatest strengths of the new and used shipping containers for sale is their versatility. When US trucker Malcolm McLean first mooted his revolutionary idea in the ‘50s, it was for a storage unit that could be readily transported by road, rail, and sea. The concept transformed intercontinental door-to-door delivery from a dream to a routine operation.

As many South Africans prepare to leave home in search of a new life overseas, the question of how best to transport their furniture or vehicles often arises. Even if you live in the middle of the Karoo, a company with new or used containers for sale should be able to load one of a suitable size onto a truck and deliver it to your door. Once loaded, you can arrange for it to be collected and transported to the port of departure by road or rail, as necessary. Range of Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Naturally, purchasing a second-hand unit can result in a substantial saving. These rugged steel boxes are built to withstand rough handling and weather conditions. Even after 20 years of active service, they should require only minor refurbishing by the supplier. In practice, the demand for used shipping containers for sale often exceeds that for new units. However, quality can be an issue. Superficial scratches and minor dents are purely cosmetic issues that will leave them fully fit for purpose. However, any holes or cracks that might weaken their structure will limit their potential for reuse. While those affected may still prove adequate for temporary storage purposes, you would do well to avoid them if you require a facility for long-term use.

The versatility referred to earlier is not limited to modes of transport. Today, many new and used containers for sale will be destined for uses far removed from their original purpose. Their standard sizes and rectangular form serve as the perfect starting point for modular building projects ranging from site offices, classrooms, and clinics to luxury duplex dwellings. Check out the new and quality used units available from Absolute Containers, South Africa’s premier supplier and contact us today.