Reefer Containers in the Modern Supply Chain      

Reefer Containers in the Modern Supply Chain


Reefer containers first made an appearance in the late 1950s. However, back then, they lacked the basic necessity to keep produce fresh – a refrigeration unit. Advancements in technology in the early 1970s integrated refrigeration within these insulated containers at specific climate controls making them an indispensable part of the modern supply chain. At the forefront of prefabricated and modular container solutions, Absolute Containers plays a crucial role in assisting in the seamless transportation of perishable items.


Importance of Reefer Containers for Cold Storage


Within the supply chain network, cold chain logistics ensures the uninterrupted distribution of perishable goods. This encompasses a wide range of products, including dairy, meat, seafood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and beverages, to name a few. The most important element of this supply chain is reefer containers, also referred to as ‘reefers’, which are relied upon to maintain constant temperature controls during transit, preserving the freshness and quality of these products upon delivery. As the demand for fresh produce rises, the significance of these cooling structures becomes increasingly undeniable.

Reefer Containers

How Reefer Tech is Keeping Up with Demand


The thermally insulated shell of reefer containers acts as a shield against external temperature variations and within this protective barrier is a sophisticated cooling system that circulates refrigerant precisely to maintain ideal temperatures. The refrigeration systems installed in these containers are highly sophisticated allowing businesses to transport several types of cargo in one container. For optimal preservation, real-time monitoring devices are installed, enabling you to make adjustments should the need arise.


The Seasonal Food Industry


Seasonal delights, such as strawberries, often travel vast distances from farm to shelf, which would not be possible without the remarkable infrastructure of the cold chain. After the harvest season, farmers immediately store fresh produce in a refrigerated space to preserve it. The produce stays at the farm until it is ready to be shipped out in reefer containers to retailers who, in turn, transport it further through the complex supply chain so that your seasonal produce can reach your favourite grocery store or supermarket. Without the option of a shipping supply chain and cold storage, most fresh produce would be wasted.


Access to Potential Life-Saving Medication


Pharmaceuticals need to be kept under strict climate-controlled conditions. Should these requirements not be met, certain medications are at risk of losing their potency and efficacy. Quite often, reefer containers are used as permanent cold storage solutions for pharmaceuticals as these sturdy boxes can store expansive medicinal inventory.


Pioneering Innovations in Mobile Solutions


Absolute Containers was founded with one goal in mind, to deliver innovative and cost-effective mobile solutions to various market sectors. Our dynamic and diverse team possesses a diverse range of skills, including an in-depth understanding of supply chain management. This knowledge and expertise allow us to offer you expert advice on the shipping container best suited for your cold storage. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with your container requirements.