Reefer Containers: Temperature-Controlled Shipping Solutions

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are versatile cold storage units that play an important role in the food market industry. Even though their primary function is transporting perishable goods, they offer a range of applications for business needs. At Absolute Containers, we offer a variety of new and used shipping containers that once converted with the necessary refrigeration units, can cater to the diverse requirements of businesses, from small start-ups to large-scale operations.


How Reefer Containers Revolutionise Food Transportation

Reefer containers are designed for bottom-air delivery. Using specialised T-shaped flooring, chilled air is efficiently distributed throughout the unit, ensuring a consistent flow that reaches all goods. This innovative system guarantees optimal air exchange with the stored perishables. While not mandatory, pallet storage within the container simplifies stacking, loading, and unloading.


The Role of Containers in the Supply Chain

South Africa’s agricultural exports have grown considerably with many overseas market sectors relying on the country’s produce. Reefer containers ensure that they remain fresh and edible when reaching their destination, providing the produce with a perfect temperature-controlled environment. Generally, these containers transport goods within two primary temperature categories, chilled and frozen.


Keeping harvested produce and frozen goods, including seafood, fresh requires chilled and frozen storage. Reefer containers can be subdivided to transport both cold and frozen goods as they are equipped with computer systems that constantly monitor both oxygen and ventilation levels, creating the ideal ambient controlled temperature. This is vital as fresh fruit and vegetables generate heat and carbon dioxide during transport, adversely affecting their quality when transported over lengthy distances.


Creating Ideal Cold Storage Spaces

Relying on reefer containers to transport goods by road, rail or sea at steady temperatures of between -250C and 250C is important, but how can these handy converted shipping containers assist your business?


  • Outdoor event organisers for expos and concerts, need cold storage on site, storing fresh produce to feed the crowd. As these containers are mobile, temporary self-contained refrigeration units, they present the perfect solution as they can be placed close to the vendors for ease of access.


  • Retailers sometimes experience an influx in fresh and frozen produce purchases in the summer months. Ordering more stock is all well and good, but storing goods can present a challenge. The compact design and temperature-controlled environment of reefer containers make them the ideal temporary cold storage choice.


From providing temporary storage for much-needed medical supplies to transporting chemical and sensitive industrial products, reefer containers ensure the safe storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products and other necessities at optimal temperatures.


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