Pop-Up Kiosks, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants Using Containers

In recent years container conversions have become more popular when building pop-up kiosks, coffee shops and restaurants. Whether it be a parking lot storefront, school tuckshops or sports fields or even outdoor event venues such as bicycle parks or flea markets. At Absolute Containers we offer a turn-key solution to entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish and/or grow their business stores.

Container conversions are fully customisable to the design that suits customer requirements and branding. With many creative designs that include insultation kits from our in-house panel plant, service hatches, windows, countertops, sinks, electrical points, and geysers. These units provide an innovative approach while being durable, mobile, and cost-effective making them the perfect mobile solution for any location whether it is a public shopping centre or a remote private outdoor park. The most common container conversion sizes are 3 meter (7,2m2), 6 meter (14,4 m2) and 12 meters (28,8m2) your preferred size may depend on stand size, number of stores, size of kitchen required and number of employees.

Kiosks in a shipping container