More Ways to Make Use of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers at Sea and on the Shore


An old English adage states “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. While the activity it describes may not go down too well with animal lovers, the underlying concept remains a valid one. For example, there are far more ways to make use of shipping containers than merely stacking them full of consumer goods and ferrying them between the world’s numerous seaports. In December of 2014, estimates suggested there could be more than 17 million of these outsized metal storage vessels worldwide; a number which, no doubt, has continued to grow and is now considerably higher.

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Of the total number of units in existence at that time, more than 5 million were in active use aboard the world’s vast fleet of ocean-going freighters. Inevitably, some of the remaining units become damaged and will need to be scrapped. However, at any given time, the vast majority of land-based shipping containers will either be sitting on a dockside or in a warehouse whilst waiting for someone to load or unload them.

Their robust metal construction serves to protect them and their contents while being loaded and unloaded on and off ships by dockside crane operators and stevedores. It also prevents any damage due to the prolonged heavy buffeting caused by storms at sea, throughout many hundreds of long journeys. Should their owner have no further use for them, previously owned shipping containers are in demand. They will generally fetch a reasonable price and provide many more years of valuable service. More recently, some of the world’s lateral-thinking individuals have looked beyond the second-hand market and, instead, have developed several more innovative and more profitable uses for decommissioned units.

One simple but very practical idea is to maintain their storage function in a modified form suitable for small-scale or personal use. Of course, you can rent shipping containers if you need a temporary storage facility, but if you have space, why not purchase one, already fitted with a lockable door and painted in the colour of your choice? This could be your opportunity to finally make enough room in the garage for the family car.

For that matter, armed with the right tools and a bit of ingenuity, any reasonably-competent DIY buff should be quite capable of converting one of these decommissioned shipping containers into a summer house with a separate changing room for the poolside. On the other hand, if you don’t have the necessary skills or don’t want the hassle, you could purchase a professionally converted, standard unit from Absolute Containers or even order one built to your preferred design.