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How Modern Architecture Can Transform Shipping Containers

In the wake of rising house prices, modern architecture is transforming shipping containers into affordable, prefabricated homes and business premises. The concept of modular, prebuilt structures is far from new. It originated in the early years of the 17th century when the first British settlers needed homes to establish their new colony in the region now known as Massachusetts. However, using these new or used rectangular architecture containers as the starting point has opened up unprecedented opportunities for designers and builders limited only by their imagination and the available space.


The Potential Uses of Modern Architecture Containers


While the straight lines inherent in the design of these storage vessels are a common feature of modern architecture, in suitably skilled hands, these containers can be embellished in ways that disguise all evidence of their original box-like shape. Thus, opting for affordability need not force one to sacrifice aesthetics. That said, a client will often be happy with just a fairly basic structure. For example, a construction company is unlikely to require anything too elaborate to act as a temporary site office. In most cases, a few windows, some inside insulation, a power supply, and a coat of paint will probably suffice. For storing equipment and building materials, a more secure locking facility is likely to be enough.


By contrast, when building homes from containers, architecture should always attempt to achieve a balance between beauty and functionality. A suitable façade can transform a boringly angular simplex home into an iconic Cape Dutch cottage lookalike. Their standard dimensions and uniform shape provide convenient modules that can be combined in numerous ways. Where the footprint is no object, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, and a kitchen can be accommodated in a single-storey dream home, while the option to join the units vertically offers families a duplex alternative.


In practice, when repurposing shipping containers, architecture specialists are not limited to designing modular structures for residential and business purposes. The pandemic created an urgent worldwide need for walk-in vaccination and test centres, a role for which these rectangular metal units were ideally suited. In addition, they have proved to be equally effective in providing temporary classrooms, laboratory facilities, ablution blocks, clinics, libraries, food banks, and even dormitories for the homeless. In such cases, the internal furnishings of the buildings are generally seen as more significant than their external appearance.


Where to Find Architecture Containers?


While their exceptional strength, abundant availability, and affordability contribute to their popularity, the role of modern architecture in adapting these containers is creating ever-greater demands. We invite you to view some of our stunning conversions and to learn how we at Absolute Containers could help transform your lifestyle or business.

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