Good Quality Shipping Containers for Sale

12 Things You Can Do Once You Find a Good Quality Shipping Container for Sale


When you consider the myriad of applications it can be used for, it is no wonder so many people are looking for a good quality shipping container for sale. Here are a dozen of the top conversion ideas:

  1. Classroom Buildings

Education is so very important, but often the infrastructure for this is lacking. Investing in a converted shipping container for sale might make this necessity more achievable.

  1. Ablution Blocks

These structures are ideal for conversion into mobile ablution blocks, whether it is for public use or use at construction sites, camping grounds, festivals, or schools.

  1. Industrial Waste Bins

If your business produces a lot of waste, save yourself time by investing in a shipping unit for sale to replace your smaller waste bins that require regular and tedious trips to a garbage disposal unit.

  1. Buildings

Use stockpiled shipping containers as units for buildings. This can address the high impact associated with traditional building materials.

  1. Storage Units

Storage facilities are in high demand but can become costly. Our units can be reinforced and secured to offer a convenient, cost-effective storage solution.

  1. Office Space

We’ve all seen temporary offices at construction sites. Containers can also be used for more permanent, insulated, and secure offices as a cost-effective solution to an expanding business.

  1. Access Control

Units fitted with secure turnstiles are a quick, easy, and effective solution for controlling site access at construction or mining sites and other work areas.

  1. Accommodation

These units can be converted in a short time to provide bulk accommodation solutions for employees, members of the public affected by disasters, or visiting groups of people.

  1. Spaza Units

Containers provide flexible, portable, and semi-permanent vending alternatives, giving vendors the freedom to relocate their kiosk easily and safely.

  1. Solar Solutions

Units can either be fitted with solar panels to provide electricity for the interior, or they can be applied as carriers of solar panels, housing the necessary equipment for operation and storage inside.

  1. Reefers

Reefers are refrigerated containers. These can be used to supplement your refrigeration needs on a semi-permanent basis at your venue or be used for transporting items that need to be kept cool.

  1. Park Homes

Park homes provide instant space solutions with a modern look. They can be placed anywhere, come with a well-structured base, and can be manufactured to your requirements. They’re easy to maintain and are designed for long term or permanent placement.

Where to Find a Shipping Unit for Sale

We are the answer. Not only can we assist you with a great quality shipping container for sale, but we can also take care of the conversion to your unique specifications.