Embargo on Abnormal Loads

Embargo on Abnormal Loads & Vehicles

Embargo is placed on abnormal loads and vehicles throughout the year over certain periods such as public holidays or long weekends. Every year the Department of Transport and Public Works released a National Road Traffic Act indicating the embargo on abnormal loads and vehicles during December and January period. For example, this year the Embargo period will be from the 9th of December 2022 to the 13th of January 2023.

This affects the transportation industry with abnormal vehicles being a vehicle or combination of vehicles that exceed legal dimensions or mass, as well as abnormal load where the load being transported cannot be sectioned into smaller portions and exceeds the legal limitations.

The Embargo that affects Absolute Containers deliveries is mainly for our prefabricated buildings that are over 3 meters wide. Classifying it as abnormal and in turn, requires a permit for transport. Different provinces require their own permits so in an instance where delivery is in Steelpoort we would require a permit for every province we travel through if the unit is classified as abnormal.

This is the reason for some businesses to close during this time.

Embargo on Abnormal Loads