Convenient Canteen Container Conversion Designs

It is no surprise that in recent years, the repurposing, converting, and customising of shipping containers have gained popularity. Not only are container conversions mobile units allowing one the opportunity to relocate sites, but they are also a time-efficient build compared to brick and mortar. In recent years Absolute Containers has been involved in many container conversions with purposes such as storage, cafés, offices, classrooms, showrooms, restaurants and canteens.

Our most recent canteen container conversion for an office site included a veranda as well as stairs to the roof (railing around the edge for safety) to enhance functionality and aesthetics. The veranda provides a welcoming and inviting outdoor seating option to the canteen where employees or customers can enjoy their tea, coffee, or lunch break. This unit is fully customised to meet our client’s requirements and specifications.

Container Conversion

Important additions to consider when designing a canteen container would be:

  • How much space do you require this will determine whether you require a 6-meter or 12-meter container size (2,4m wide)
  • Insulation of the container, this helps regulate the temperature while also providing an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Air conditioning is important depending on the location of the unit
  • Functionality of the kitchen for example hot and cold sink, electrical outlets for appliances, refrigerator (as well as size), and cupboards

Whether it’s creating a cozy space for employees to unwind during breaks or offering a convenient dining option for customers on the go, addressing these key factors during the design phase, ensures that your custom canteen container meets your specific requirements and expectations. At Absolute Containers, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and practical solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. With our expertise in container conversions and commitment to quality, we continue to transform standard shipping containers into functional and stylish spaces that redefine convenience and versatility.