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Container Rentals Perfect for Temporary Storage and Accommodation

There are often occasions when some temporary storage space might be helpful, and container rentals could be the most economical option. Let’s say you have decided it’s time the family home had a major overhaul and, for the next couple of months, you are planning to stay with relatives while the builders get on with their renovation work. What will you do with that expensive new dining room suite and the rest of your furniture?


You could put it in storage, but transporting it to and from the secure facility is time-consuming and will add to your costs. On the other hand, some companies offer shipping containers for hire. You can arrange to have one delivered and store all your belongings securely virtually on your doorstep.


Container Rentals Can Also Provide Short-Term Accommodation


On other occasions, it could be you and not your possessions that might need temporary housing. For example, if there were no nearby relatives to help, you could be forced to splash out for a lengthy stay in a hotel or furnished accommodation while your home gets its facelift. Instead, you could live cheaply in your own garden and still enjoy a dip in your pool on those hot summer days.


For less than R3,000 a month, you could rent a compact, comfortable park home made from a converted shipping container or a double-size unit for less than R5,400. Efficient insulation, panelled interior, aircon if required, and electric power provide a home-away-from-home experience. Furthermore, the price includes delivery. A short lease on a modest flat in one of the city’s cheaper suburbs could cost at least double.


Other Opportunities to Save Time and Money with Container Rentals


The escalating cost of materials and construction services and a global recession have forced many to put their building plans on hold. Container conversions offer a fast, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to costly permanent structures and have numerous potential uses.


  • Mines and Construction Sites: Converted containers can be used as site offices or to provide secure storage for materials, equipment, and vehicles. Mining companies can use them as laboratory facilities or ablution blocks or to house workers employed in remote areas. They offer the added advantage of easy relocation on a flatbed truck or by rail when necessary.


  • Education: Converted containers for hire can be configured as mobile classrooms or labs when required, and capital budgets are overstretched.


  • Municipal Services: Conversions offer a fast and economical option for libraries and clinics in deprived urban areas.


The Absolute Best Container Rentals


Whatever your need, from a spaza shop to a water-treatment plant, Absolute Containers can build it and deliver it to your site. Why not browse some of our innovative options?

Used Shipping Containers for Sale or Rent