A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Shipping Containers Pretoria

Choosing the correct unit when purchasing shipping containers Pretoria is crucial. The valuable guidelines in this article should help you make a more informed choice. Much has changed since Malcolm McLean launched his idea to speed up loading and unloading cargo in 1956. His robust, sealable, rectangular steel box solution was an instant success, and its design and applications have since been extended considerably.

Today, more than 96% of these containers are manufactured in China for distribution worldwide. One can find various types of shipping containers for sale in most major cities, even landlocked ones – for example, South Africa’s foremost supplier of shipping containers Pretoria. However, deciding which might be best for a given task could require some assistance.


Things to Consider When Purchasing Shipping Containers Pretoria

When shopping for shipping containers Pretoria, you will need to consider the following:

  • Container Size: In most cases, one should pack items tightly and on pallets where appropriate so they don’t move about and become damaged during handling or at sea. The most commonly used units are 6 or 12 metres long. They hold approximately 33 and 67 cubic metres, respectively. If you can’t fill your unit, your shipper can arrange for someone to use the vacant space.
  • Types of Shipping Containers: If you intend to ship hardware, vehicles, furniture, canned goods, or other non-perishable items, an unmodified metal box of the right size will work fine. However, some goods are more vulnerable and need a controlled storage environment to prevent spoilage. A refrigerated unit or reefer is the answer for frozen foods, fruit, vegetables, flowers, pharmaceuticals, fresh meat, and dairy products. Reefer containers are of three main types as follows.
  • Closed: These units combine an integral front wall with an automatic electric cooling/heating system and are the most common type used to transport meat, fish, pharmaceuticals, and dairy products.
  • Modified Atmosphere/Controlled Atmosphere: Refrigerated containers of this type enable adjusting and maintaining atmospheric oxygen and CO2 levels and humidity to slow the deterioration rate of more vulnerable produce significantly.
  • Automatic Fresh Air Management: Offering benefits similar to the MA/CA type, an AFAM unit employs specialised airflow technology to adjust the supply of fresh air to extend the shelf life of perishables.


There is considerable overlap between the recommended uses for MA/CA and AFAM types. If in doubt, there’s a supplier of quality shipping containers in Pretoria who can help.


Buying Shipping Containers Pretoria

At Absolute Containers, we offer an extensive range of guaranteed used and new units. If you need additional help choosing shipping containers for sale, you can phone or use our online chat facility, or if you want to place an order, please feel free to request a quote.

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