A Container Sales Company in Pretoria that Delivers Nationwide

The nation’s legislative capital is far from the nearest port. It is, therefore, surprising that one of South Africa’s largest container sales companies operates in Pretoria. In addition to selling new and used units of various sizes, the Jacaranda City operation also specialises in converting them for uses other than carrying marine freight.


While our nation once attracted hundreds of immigrants, many South Africans are now leaving their homeland to seek new lives overseas. Many also choose to transport the contents of their homes aboard a ship in a rugged weatherproof metal box. When placing online orders from Gauteng, or any of the nine provinces, with a container sales company in Pretoria, buyers should make sure that the service includes delivery to their location. Beware of dealers offering big discounts as they might delegate the responsibility for collection to the buyer.


However, there are plenty of other ways to make good use of these durable steel vessels for those who choose to remain. To start, most people could benefit from more storage space. Whether for temporary or permanent use, there are few cheaper or more effective ways to store quad bikes, camping gear, and kayaks than purchasing a second-hand unit from a container sales specialist in Pretoria. It should be possible to use them without any modification in many cases. However, a reputable company should have the skilled personnel and experience necessary to install lighting, ventilation, a refrigeration unit, or additional security if any of these are required.


As local house prices and rents have continued to rise, many have been forced to consider less conventional forms of accommodation. One of the more popular and affordable options is a park home prefabricated from shipping containers. The six- and twelve-metre units offered by container sales companies in Pretoria are ideal for building modular structures. Even a single model could provide a comfortable bachelor pad. However, by combining several, one can create a luxury home with multiple bedrooms for a mere fraction of the cost of a conventional property.


Overseas agencies have used these units to provide accommodation and services in disaster areas for decades. Today, they are proving equally invaluable as a means to uplift disadvantaged rural communities and cope with emergencies such as the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa. Many of the container sales made in Pretoria are destined for use as temporary clinics and classrooms. They are also serving as mobile sales or site offices for property developers.


Regardless of purpose or location, many purchasers prefer the convenience of nationwide deliveries and the reassurance of dealing with the country’s industry leader – Absolute Containers.