Ablution Containers

Mobile, Hygienic, and Cost-Effective Ablution Containers from Absolute Containers

You have finally decided to tackle that long overdue bathroom or kitchen project you have been meaning to do for years, or maybe you are a developer that requires a toilet and washing facilities for your workers on site. Whatever your reasons, you are probably wondering if you should rent an ablution container. Ablution containers have become very popular these days, popping up in more and more places. In fact, just about every industry is now using them. Serving as the building blocks for spaza shops, accommodation, classrooms, clinics, and even greenhouses, these big metal boxes are so much more than just shipping containers. They allow you the ease of adding a toilet, shower, and washing facilities to a site.

While ablution containers are widely used by the mining, building, and construction sectors, they are also commonly seen at events that attract a lot of people, such as tradeshows, music festivals, sporting events, conferences, and exhibitions. Mobile, modular, sturdy, and providing a neat and tidy solution, they can be placed almost anywhere, allowing them to be connected in various formations to serve a diverse number of people and needs. But not all ablution containers are created equal, which means that you need to partner with a leading supplier, such as Absolute Containers.

What Makes Ours Different?

With over ten years of experience in the conversion of shipping containers, mobile accommodation, storage units, and prefabricated buildings, our products reflect the latest technology and architectural designs. Our ablution containers are available in various sizes and are made from galvanised high-grade steel, using the best-quality interior and exterior fittings. They are rust-proof, sturdy enough to handle a lot of traffic, and durable enough to withstands all sorts of weather, making them ideal for homes, businesses, parks, festivals, events, construction and mining sites, and so much more. They are also more spacious than many other types of containers and easy to dismantle. Aside from our standard 20- and 40-ft containers, we can also customise them to your bespoke specifications and we can equip them with all manner of features, including the following:

• Air fresheners.
• Air vents and fans.
• Change rooms.
• Hot-water geysers.
• Lighting.
• Lockers.
• Mirrors.
• Plumbing.
• Showers.
• Soap and paper towel dispensers.
• Urinals.
• Vinyl flooring.
• Wash basins.
• Windows.
• Workbenches.

Mobile, eco-friendly, durable, cost-effective and, most of all, customisable to fit any space and needs, Absolute Containers are your best fit. To find out more about our ablution sales, rental rates, and specials, talk to us today.