6 Advantages of Renting a Container

Renting a container can be an effortless, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to buying one, especially if the container is only needed for a short time. Deciding to rent a container offers various advantages, especially if users are looking for short-term, seasonal storage or simply looking to rent a container before deciding to purchase a customised container purchased according to your required specifications. Whatever your need, contact our experts for assistance.
Container Rentals


  1. Cost-Effective Solution:
    Leasing a container, is more cost-effective than purchasing one when you only require the container on a temporary or short-term basis or when a renting a container is a more affordable option. Often businesses do not have the financial means to purchase containers and they decide to opt to rent, especially in cases where they are still trying to expand their business. The money saved by deciding to rent can help reduce short-term cash flow pressure on a business, once your cash flow improves the business can decide to purchase a container.
  2. Secure Option:
    If you are looking for a secure option to store valuable items while working on site or completing a project, consider storing your equipment and tools in a storage container for enhanced protection. Shipping containers are sturdy structure that is well-sealed allowing you the peace of mind knowing your valuable items are secure. Containers are wind and water-tight, enabling them to withstand harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, having a container on site allows you to monitor and safeguard valued items such as seasonal inventory, personal belongings, business records, client files and more.
  3. Flexibility and Versatility:
    The flexibility of renting a container allows you to avoid a lengthy buying process. During off seasons you can arrange to swap out sizes to have the storage space better meet your requirements. There is also no obligation to use a container for a fixed number of months. Due to the flexible nature of containers, they can easily be transported and are able to easily move wherever they may be required. While renting a container you can easily increase the number of rental containers you have on-site depending on how much you can afford. Having containers placed on-site while you complete a project allows for easy access and allows for quicker finishes to projects and effective workdays.
  4. Convenient and Easy to Use:
    Renting a container is an easy process. Once all documentation and payment has been made, your container is scheduled for delivery by our logistics team. Our containers require little to set up. When you no longer require the uses of our rental units you can contact our sales and logistics team who will help ensure a smooth and efficient collection process.
  5. No Maintenance, Liability, or Disposal Hassles:
    At Absolute Containers, we ensure our rental containers are of good quality before they are delivered to our clients, because shipping containers are long-lasting with minimal maintenance, over time they can start to appear dated and weathered due to weather conditions. Renting a container gives you the option to swap your container for a newer one to help maintain your good image or alternatively, we can assist with maintenance as required. While renting a container it is important to take note that you may not remove the container from your property. Should you need to move the container for any reason, contact us first for assistance as the container you are renting remains our property.
  6. Ideal for Short Events:
    Leasing a container for temporary, one-time, or seasonal events may be the better financial option.
    Various short-term uses for container rentals:

    • When relocating:Using a container to store your valuable items while you settle into your new home is affordable and secure.
    • Events:Our container rentals are available in different sizes, giving you the option to choose which size you need depending on the size of the event.
    • Remote offices:If you are busy with a project in a remote area or looking for on-site office space, renting a container can assist with addressing your temporary storage, office or accommodation needs.