Your Container Home Away From Home

Whenever you go on holiday, do you ever spend time in hotels? I suppose that would depend on the type of holiday you’re taking, whether you’re going camping or going to the coast. But, hotel accommodation, whether in a two-star or five-star joint, in always good living. It doesn’t matter the ranking of the establishment, you’re going to enjoy your stay there, no matter what. Because, as a guest, the owners of this hotel will go out of their way to make you comfortable because it’s your holiday, after all.

Now, most hotels are obviously in beautiful locations to appeal to their clientele. And hotels come with all the creature comforts of home, a TV in every room and maybe satellite service, depending on the star-rating of course and hopefully bed & breakfast. But have you ever stayed in container hotel accommodation? Usually, hotels aren?t made from shipping containers but, since shipping container structures are popping up everywhere, hotel companies are following suit and with fantastic results.

Due to the shipping container’s versatility, hotel and resort companies are taking advantage of this fact by using them to build container accommodation. Take, for instance, the Alterra Beach Resort, a five-star resort about 350 kilometres south-east of Buenos-Aires. Originally built as an art gallery and constructed entirely out of shipping containers, this resort is located in a forest of pines and a perfect destination for eco-tourists. The resort have recently added two extra cabins with heating and cooling units, a kitchenette and a private balcony.

So you see, hotel container accommodation can be just as comfortable, if not more so, than normal, brick and mortar made hotels. Also, many hotels and resorts are cashing in on the novelty aspect of container living. Take any internet search and you?ll see container hotels of every size, shape and sort popping up in practically every country. People are taking advantage of the ease of building with shipping containers and, compared to most other building materials, shipping containers are relatively cheap. So, it’s really no surprise that your next holiday may be spent in five-star hotel container accommodation.