Park Homes For Sale

World-class Park Homes For Sale

Park Homes For Sale Offer Multiple Benefits


As the cost of fixed property has continued to mount, many South Africans have had to settle for a life in rented premises. By contrast, some have managed to secure ownership by exploring less conventional options. These new owners are among thousands of individuals, families and businesses that have chosen to invest in one of the increasingly popular park homes for sale in various parts of the country.


To erect this type of accommodation from timber and other traditional building materials can be expensive and could cost almost as much as any comparable new building. On the other hand, a prefabricated modular dwelling is much quicker and easier to assemble. It can be designed to the purchaser’s specifications and transported to the desired site when complete. Furthermore, when the modules employed for this purpose are steel shipping containers, the task is also far less expensive.


In practice, many of the so-called park homes for sale are not intended for residential use. When assembling a building from rectangular steel boxes, there is plenty of scope for the designer. The containers can be joined end-to-end, side-to-side or top-to-bottom, according to the new owner’s needs. The finished structure and proposed use need be limited only by one’s imagination.


Commonly, when visiting a new residential development to check out the showhouse, the experience begins at a sales office, a temporary structure erected on the site once the first building is complete. In many cases, it will be one of these park homes for sale, furnished as an office rather than for residential use. Sometimes, a housing project will include an additional temporary structure, in which the converted shipping containers serve, instead, as a canteen and ablution block for the construction workers.


The pool is a welcome refuge during the summer months and, for a relatively modest investment, you could transform it into a luxurious entertainment area. Changing rooms, a bar, a shower, and even a sauna or hot tub are possible options for a company that specialises in creating park homes for sale from shipping containers. Given that this poolside facility would be classified as a temporary structure, obtaining municipal planning permission may not even be needed.


Sometimes, it may be necessary to carry out extensive repairs or renovations to a public building such as a clinic or school. For such facilities to continue providing their services, as usual, some form of temporary accommodation will be necessary. Once again, one or more converted shipping containers could be the perfect short-term solution.


If you need cost-effective, flexible accommodation for any reason, talk to Absolute Containers about their world-class park homes for sale.