Shipping Container Conversions

Why Buying Used Shipping Containers Makes Sense

While the demand for new storage vessels by importers, exporters, and maritime freight companies continues to grow, so does the volume of decommissioned units. Furthermore, the number of individuals and companies interested in buying these used shipping containers has also increased. Although the reasons for their purchases vary, it is frequently the substantially lower price tag that prompts the decision to settle for a used unit. While both new and used prices also vary, one can generally save around 50% or more when opting for second-hand units.


One of the more obvious uses is for long-term storage. The ongoing cost of renting a commercial storage facility can be substantial in such cases. Also, it will often be necessary to travel quite far when you need to stow or retrieve an item. By contrast, buying used shipping containers for this purpose offers the greater convenience of being free to locate your stored goods much closer to where they are needed. At the same time, it means you can dispense with those monthly rental payments.


These rectangular steel boxes are designed to withstand a lot of punishment, from collisions with other units to constant bombardment by rain and seawater. Nevertheless, even under such harsh conditions, these rugged metal storage vessels can have a lifespan of up to thirty years or more. While new or single-use units remain quite costly, buying used shipping containers is a highly cost-effective alternative for anyone who may require an inexpensive long-term storage facility.


While some users may wish to store a relatively small volume of goods, others may require space for much larger items, such as machinery or vehicles. Given the standard sizes alone, there should be plenty of room for most needs. Units are either 20 ft or 40 ft long (approximately 6 m and 12 m respectively).


However, when buying shipping containers, whether used or new, they offer another valuable benefit. Should you need to relocate your storage facility, it can be loaded, complete with its contents, onto a flat-bed truck or transported by rail. However, let us not forget its original purpose. If you are planning to send the contents overseas, purchasing a pre-owned unit will help minimise your shipping costs.


While the chance to save some money is always tempting, it should not require compromising on quality. To ensure value for money when buying new or used shipping containers, deal only with the local industry leaders at Absolute Containers.