Container Rentals - Onsite Office

What are the Benefits of Container Rentals?

In 1956, a US Trucker named Malcolm McLean began using large metal boxes to accommodate goods for shipping. His simple but effective idea subsequently revolutionised the marine freight industry, vastly reducing loading and unloading times and the prohibitively high cost of dockside labour at the time. Since then, container rentals and sales have become a global industry. The total number in circulation is estimated to be more than 17 million.


Surprisingly, only around six million are loaded and at sea. The remainder can be found on quaysides, in warehouses, or scattered around the countryside, either unchanged or modified for some particular purpose. Nevertheless, the demand for them is consistent. It raises the question of whether it might benefit you to purchase or lease one. In practice, both options have their advantages. However, these units are no longer limited to their original purpose. Often, container rentals are seen as an economical means to provide offices and other forms of accommodation.


Container Rentals: A More Affordable Option


In contrast to the housing market, where the average rents are generally higher than the mortgage payments on a given property, leasing a prefabricated building can be cheaper than purchasing one. Frequently, the requirement is for relatively short-term accommodation. A purchase would entail the need to find a buyer once the temporary premises are no longer required. Since these units are generally designed to meet the renter’s specific requirements, resale can be difficult. However, container rentals offer the user the option to return the product to the lessor, who will generally have the necessary facilities to adapt it for alternative uses and resale. Alternatively, renting can allow one to decide if a unit fully meets one’s requirements before committing to a purchase.


The extent of the conversion will determine the price you pay. Often, a few basic enhancements can be sufficient. For example, an office for a startup company might require little more than space for a desk and filing cabinet, windows, lighting, and a lockable door. However, a reputable container rental company will be able to supply something larger with air conditioning, plumbing, and separate kitchen and reception areas.


On occasions, this is offered as a bespoke service where clients detail their requirements and the service provider modifies a suitably sized shipping container to meet them. The resulting conversion can be as simple or elaborate as necessary to comply with those needs and remain within budget. Alternatively, the supplier may have suitable accommodation in stock for immediate delivery.


Money is tight, and the demand for container rentals in South Africa is growing. Absolute Containers offers world-class conversions for long- and short-term use. Click here for more details of this practical yet affordable form of office accommodation.