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How to Plan and Prepare for Living in a Tiny Home Built from Shipping Containers

Have you been watching one of the many lifestyle channels where people come up with all sorts of creative ways to better or build a home? If yes, then you have most certainly seen how people turned storage containers into a small, beautiful and practical home. If you are considering doing the same, there are a few things you need to keep in mind…

How Many People Are Going to Live There?

Is the house for just you, or you and a partner? Perhaps you want to start small for now with a container or two. You can always add a container if you and your partner decide to move in together or if you get a baby. The beauty of having a container home is that you can easily expand without breaking the bank.

Are You Going to Be Minimalist?

You do not need to follow a minimalist lifestyle to live in a tiny homemade from storage containers, but a lot of minimalists are drawn to the idea of living in tiny homes. Partly because living in a small space makes it a lot harder to accumulate a lot of stuff and also because it is a cost- and eco-friendly option.

What Are You Going to Get Rid Of? And What Will You Be Able to Fit into Your Tiny Home?

Even if you do not switch to minimalism, you probably will not be able to fit a lot in your tiny home and might need to get rid of a few things. Sorting out your house and decluttering can take almost as much time as constructing your home out of storage containers; so, you might want to start sorting out your clothes, linen cupboards, garage, etc. beforehand and start to donate or sell what you want to get rid of.

How Many Containers Do You Want to Build Your Home Out Of?

This all depends on a number of factors, such as the number of rooms or areas you want. Do you want a kitchen or just a kitchen nook? Are you going to have a small breakfast table or dining room table, or are you happy to eat on the couch in your small living room? Are you going to add a second story to your container home? Only once you’ve answered these questions, will you know how many containers you’ll need.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

This will all depend on how many possessions you want to keep. To optimise storage space, you could look into functional furniture and choose a bed and seating with hidden storage space. This will help you make the most out of your living space.

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