Office Containers

Are You Missing Out on the Office Container Revolution?


We live in an incredibly creative and innovative world, where novel solutions to novel problems continue to astound even the most optimistic of us. With a bit of imagination and a continuing commitment to finding new ways to meet the wants of South African businesses, anything becomes possible.

Office Containers

An obstacle facing entrepreneurs and managers in numerous industries is office space. In combination with a demand for mobility and temporary work environments, the need for truly affordable, high-quality office space has been a major driving force in the office container revolution.

And a revolution it has been.

Budget-conscious, well-designed, and comfortable office containers are perfectly suited to a variety of circumstances and industries. Moreover, the units are intended to meet the demands for temporary, semi-permanent, and even permanent site placement. They’re ideal for:

  • Mines
  • Agriculture/Farms
  • Construction sites
  • Factories and plants
  • Events – sports events, concerts and music festivals, fairs, fetes, cultural celebrations, etc.

Office containers only become more attractive when one considers their several, impressive benefits.

The Advantages

  • No on-site assembly required – Clients don’t have to waste any time waiting for a construction process to be completed. Units arrive ready-made for immediate occupation.
  • Versatile site placement – Container offices can be placed in a variety of locations where the erection of a permanent, built structure would be expensive or even prohibited.
  • Structurally sound – Steel containers are 100% self-supporting, eliminating any additional labour or material costs.
  • Constructed from solid materials – Office units are made from marine-grade steel, making them weather-resistant and hardy.
  • Easy to relocate – The process of moving the office container to a different position on-site, or to an entirely new site, is quick and easy.
  • Scalable – Adding or subtracting units as circumstances evolve is hassle-free and uncomplicated.
  • Quality interior finishing – This is especially true for Absolute Containers’ Insulated Executive Container Office.
  • Sustainable – The units are repurposed shipping containers that can be recycled and reused for years to come.

Absolute Containers takes immense pride in delivering on our promise to provide only premier-quality products. Bearing this core ethos in mind, our purchasable office containers come with the following conversions:

  • Climate control through air-conditioning and insulation
  • Water- and airtight windows that let in SA’s abundant daytime light
  • Ample fittings for night-time light
  • Electricity plugs
  • Desks and office furniture arranged to meet your requirements
  • Attractively designed and expertly crafted interior
  • Basic offices are available for file and document storage

Affordability, mobility, versatility and comfort should pique anyone’s interest. All these, when combined with the choice of either purchasing units or simply renting them, have made office containers the go-to for many enterprises across South Africa. By now, there should be little wonder why.

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