Storage Container Rentals

Why Shipping Containers Make Excellent Storage Rentals

Are you downsizing or have you got valuable items that need their own safe space? If you are reading this post, then chances are you have more things than you have space. Whether it is machinery, office supplies, art, family souvenirs, and heirlooms, building and gardening equipment, or boat and outdoor camping gear, keeping your prized possessions safe and secure is a good choice. But what’s even better is keeping your valuables on your property in a secure shipping container. Here is why these Lego boxes make excellent storage rentals.

No Permit Required

A great alternative to throwing money at concrete or wooden structures, or even paying hefty storage rental fees for a unit a far distance from your home, shipping containers provide a safe and secure space that can either be a temporary or a permanent structure. You will not need a permit for any structure that does not have a permanent foundation, but the general rule of thumb is if your property is in the city’s business district, you will more than likely require a permit. If your property is in a residential area and has a backyard large enough to house a container, a permit will not be necessary.

You Get to Choose Between Standard to Customised Units

Many suppliers of refurbished shipping containers offer a wide range of add-ons that include an additional fee. Some of the most common features include advanced security mechanisms, ventilation systems and air-conditioning, vinyl floors, hatches, windows, lighting, mirrors, display units, counters, shelving, separators, hooks, plumbing fixtures, and roll-up entry or single and double entry doors.

Although they can be easy to find, it is important to get a container that is in an excellent condition, but still within your budget, and that depends on the supplier. Whether you are moving, decluttering, or just looking for extra space to keep your belongings safe and secure – away from your home but on your property – Absolute Containers has got you covered.

Rustproof, Sturdy, Durable, and Mobile

With over thirty years’ experience in storage container sales and rentals, and over a decade in container customisation, mobile accommodation, and prefabricated buildings, our high-grade, galvanized steel containers come in 6 m and 12 m sizes. Owing to their steel structural integrity, they are rustproof, sturdy enough to handle high-traffic, and durable enough to handle hail, rain, and extreme heat – making them safe from intruders. If you want to rent one of these safe and secure rectangular shells for your storage needs, chat with us today.