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Some Novel Uses for Shipping Containers in South Africa

History has shown us repeatedly that the only limit to human ingenuity is the imagination of the individual. Sadly, times are currently hard, and many are finding that money is scarce. However, these extenuating circumstances have also led to some innovative repurposing of pre-owned items. In particular, innovators in many countries, including South Africa, have found some valuable alternative applications for used shipping containers.


For example, the Covid-19 pandemic left hospitals and clinics in most countries short of space. For many affected, the solution has been to purchase some of these units and refurbish them to create temporary clinics. In some of the world’s poorer countries, this is often the permanent solution for servicing more remote areas. Next to health, education is considered a priority by most governments. Nevertheless, outside of the private sector, classroom shortages are often an ongoing source of concern. As a temporary measure, classrooms and laboratories created from used shipping containers are a viable option for overcrowded or underfunded schools in South Africa and elsewhere.


Despite the pandemic’s worst efforts, the world population is still rising. Growing more food is often hampered by the available land. Individuals can become more self-sustaining by purchasing and stocking a greenhouse and devoting a section of their gardens to growing some veggies. However, until recently, growing crops on a commercial scale has always required large areas of land. Now, companies in some countries are developing indoor farms from recycled shipping containers, which could also work in South Africa. A single large unit can be configured to produce the equivalent of several acres of arable land, while stacking them adds production capacity without increasing the footprint.


A rectangular steel box can serve as the basic building unit for all manner of modular structures. However, even a single unit has lots of potential in the right hands. Today, it can cost more to install a swimming pool than it did to purchase a four-bedroom house during the 70s. Why go to all that expense when you can buy a pump, a sand filter, and one or two shipping containers in South Africa for a fraction of the price. While you are at it, an additional unit could provide you with a convenient changing room, bar, or even a sauna. Nowhere to park that second car? Once again, these steel boxes are the answer.


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