Smart Ways to Use Your Shipping Containers

Smart Ways Shipping Containers Can Keep Young Kids Entertained Over December Holidays


If you are staying home over the festive season, then you are probably scrambling for ideas to keep the kids entertained and content. But keeping young kids and teens happy over any school holiday is hard as it is. Well, this may sound strange to you, but we have the answer: shipping containers.

Cargo boxes are all the rage these days, with architects incorporating them into houses to make housing more affordable and to be more environmentally friendly. But what if we told you that these metal boxes are only limited to your imagination? As one of the leading bespoke shipping container suppliers with over 10 years in customisation experience, we have refurbished our boxes to create some incredible kid- and teen-friendly solutions. Here are some kid-friendly container ideas guaranteed to keep the kids busy and entertained over the holidays, so you can catch a break too.

Spoil the Kids with a Container Swimming Pool.

While traditional pools will probably never go out of fashion and style, they are unaffordable. Fortunately, a new mobile and eco-friendly alternative has entered the backyard swimming pool arena. Giving traditional pools a run for its money, these metal boxes cost a fraction of the price. They are also stylish and can be painted and sunk into the ground. You can even have water temperature controls, jets, and lighting installed. Safe, robust, and long-lasting, these innovative, spacious architectural gems will keep the kids active and entertained throughout the summer holidays.

Keep Young Kids Entertained and Safe in a Backyard Playhouse.

It is every young child’s dream to either have a treehouse or a playhouse where friends and siblings can pretend to be superheroes, princesses, warriors, or fairies. Young children love to use their imagination and pretend from a young age, and that is where these Lego boxes save the day. These boxes are mobile and come in various sizes, so you can configure the perfect space that suits your backyard. Paint it, furnish it with themed furniture, or simply furnish it with a couch and flat screen, and the playhouse will be perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, princess tea parties, or a boys only clubhouse.

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