Shipping Containers for Sale

What South Africans Are Doing With Their Metal Boxes


You have probably heard the words “shipping containers” whispered throughout the building and architectural industries. Typically used for the transportation of cargo across the globe, shipping containers have become quite the architectural trend, with container sales hitting an all-time high in South Africa. Here is what savvy smart South Africans are doing with these metal boxes.

Sustainable, Low-Cost Accommodation

With the rising cost of living paired with exorbitant rentals, containers have proven to be a sustainable alternative to brick and mortar. As the latest ECO-home architectural trend to hit the real estate market, not only do these rectangular shells produce minimal construction waste, but it is about 30-35% cheaper than building with brick and wood. They are versatile, durable, customisable, and mobile, making it easy to create a single-unit cabin, studio, tiny-house on wheels, or a luxury container home, built with adjoining walls to create larger open-plan spaces.

Pop-Up Shops

Besides converting these metal boxes into low-cost homes, you can also transform them into trendy retail spaces. Rentals have hit the sky, which is why container sales are soaring, and not just in townships. From food trucks, coffee bars, hair and nail salons, clothing boutiques, art galleries, spaza shops, antique furniture stores, galleries, bookstores, florists, farmers markets, cell phone repair stores, or bicycle rental kiosks, shipping containers tick all the boxes for low overheads.

They also make a great canvas to express individuality, and it is a great marketing tool for brand exposure. Often used in guerrilla marketing campaigns to launch new products and test new clothing lines, these innovative metal boxes are taking over footprint-by-footprint, and entrepreneurs that use them are thriving.

They Are Changing the Real Estate and Retail Game

Because of high construction costs and innovations in architecture, these boxes for sale have changed the real estate, retail, and ECO building game. It is amazing how many uses these simple Lego boxes offer. You can even turn them into swimming pools that can be placed above or below the ground. Once sealed, waterproofed, and painted with anti-corrosive paint, just like a storefront or container home, they last a lifetime.

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