Shipping Containers for Sale, Rent, and Customisation

Absolute Containers are Leading the Race in Shipping Containers for Sale, Rent, and Customisation

Are you thinking of buying a shipping container for storage, office space, or a classroom, spaza shop, or pop-up store? Typically used in the shipping industry for the transportation of cargo across the globe, these rectangular boxes have become quite the trend architecturally. A relatively new concept in South Africa, containers are revolutionising the architectural, building, and retail industries, with metal boxes popping up for sale across the nation.

They are Affordable, Flexible, Mobile, Sustainable, and Customisable

Far from just a simple box used to transport or store furniture and equipment, shipping containers are affordable, flexible, mobile, eco-friendly, sustainable, and customisable. Offering easy access to users, they make it easy to avoid high business premises rentals, add an extra room on to your home, take your pop-up on the road, open a hair or nail salon, or have an art studio, greenhouse, or man cave on your property.

Providing the space, materials, and functionality of a traditional house, these boxes for sale are much faster to set up than building a traditional structure, saving on material and labour costs. Besides affordability and flexibility, they are rustproof, sturdy enough to handle high-traffic, and durable enough to handle hail, rain, and extreme heat – making them safe from intruders.

Add Lighting, Solar Panels, Plumbing, Windows, and Doors

Compact and temperature-controlled, shipping containers can be customised to suit your exact requirements. With only a few minor adjustments, you can add lighting, solar panels, plumbing, and windows and doors to create the perfect environment to work, paint, draw, create, write, or study. Did you know that you can even use a container to create a swimming pool? One of the unique trends, boosting container sales in South Africa, are container pools. These simple, rectangular, spacious architectural gems can be placed above or below the ground, and once sealed, waterproofed and painted with anti-corrosive paint. Your container pool will last a lifetime.

Our Containers are Shaping the Low-Cost Housing and Retail Industry in South Africa

Shipping containers have proven to be a reliable, cost-effective, and convenient asset for retail, housing, and building needs in South Africa. Although they are relatively easy to find, getting a really good container can be a challenge without the help of a trustworthy supplier. Getting a second life through architecture, our affordable solutions are shaping the low-cost housing and retail industry in South Africa.

Whether you require a container to use as a swimming pool, playhouse, greenhouse, storeroom, art studio, spaza shop, or a temporary space to sleep or work, our containers for sale cover every use. Leading the race in container sales, rentals, and customisation, we can provide you with the perfect size and condition container for your precise needs.