Shipping Containers for Sale – Invest in a Hybrid Home

Shipping Containers for Sale: The Best Reasons to Invest in a Hybrid Home

Building with shipping containers is not exactly new, but owing to the brilliance of a few progressive architects, the world is looking at shipping containers in a whole new light. For years, South Africa has used containers as spaza shops, ablution units at events, labour worksites on busy roads, workshops, and mobile clinics and libraries. But it was only until recently that these born-again structures have become an alternative building method for South African homeowners. Here is what is so amazing about these hybrid homes.

Inexpensive with Boundless Design Potential

Creating your dream space from shipping containers may be much more affordable than you ever imagined, even in today’s tough economy. Much cheaper than a standard RDP house, the modular nature of shipping containers means that you can design your home as if building with toy blocks, which has opened many design doors for architects. Whether stacked horizontally or vertically, you can add doors, solar panels, large windows, and staircases.

Easy to Construct and Strong

Storage containers are tough and durable, and because of their convenient sizes, flexibility, and strength, they are on just about every architect and builder’s radar. These hybrid homes for sale are quick and easy to construct, with minimal on-site time and disturbance, and if properly maintained, it can last a lifetime.

Sustainable Living

Over the past couple of years, many people have searched for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and even get off the grid, and these eco-friendly boxes for sale are one way to become sustainable. When you find a shipping container and refurbish it into your dream home, you gain financial and physical freedom to live the life you want to live and not focus on paying high bonds and astronomical property rates and municipal bills. From using recycled materials to going solar to harvesting your water, these homes are the perfect example of sustainable living.

Economical, eco-friendly, and fast to construct – container homes might just be the very thing to get South Africa one step closer to solving its housing crisis. If you are interested in joining the container evolution and building an eco-friendly, hybrid home, contact Absolute Containers. With over thirty years’ experience in container sales and rentals, and over a decade in container customization, mobile accommodation, storage units, and prefabricated buildings, our affordable shipping containers are shaping the housing industry in South Africa, footprint-by-footprint.