Shipping Containers

3 Brilliant Ways to Use Shipping Containers at Home

Once upon a time, it would have been strange to use shipping containers for anything other than transporting goods across oceans; but today, these humble metal boxes have gotten a second life through architecture. From mobile clinics to schools to cell phone and spaza shops, there are no rules for the correct use of shipping containers, which is why South Africans are turning them into a space the whole family can enjoy.

Creating your own space to escape, relax, socialise with friends, or paint, draw, build, and create does not have to be a daydream any longer, and it does not mean you need to build on to the house to do so either. If you have a bit of space in your garden or driveway, then all you need is a shipping container and a bit of imagination and you can create your very own escape. Here are three ways to use shipping containers at home.

Create Your Own Green-Shed

An urban farm container is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a shipping container, but these eco-friendly shells provide a great alternative for those who enjoy gardening and growing organic, but do not have space. The perfect size to fit into small outdoor spaces and even on rooftops, they are compact, moveable, easy to customise with shelves and lighting, and they can be temperature controlled.

Give Yourself the Ultimate Man Cave

What man secretly does not desire his own space to entertain, watch sports, play poker with the guys, or escape the wife and kids, even if it is only for a few hours on the weekends. Reinvented with the use of shipping containers, man caves can now become an affordable reality. While wives might have control over the décor and design of the house, this is one space a man can make his very own.

Spoil the Kids with a Container Swimming Pool

Summer is coming, and if building a pool is not on your to-do-list, the humble shipping container will keep the kids cool and comfortable throughout the scorching hot months. Costing a fraction of the price of swimming pools, these innovative, spacious architectural gems are robust and long-lasting. You can place them above or below the ground, and they are transportable. Once sealed, waterproofed, and painted with anti-corrosive paint, they will last a lifetime.

Forget extending your home or converting your much-needed garage to get some alone time, the humble shipping container is the answer.