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Shipping Containers Can be the Perfect Storage Solution

When an American trucker named Malcolm McLean commissioned the first standard-sized metal boxes for transporting road and sea freight, he could not have foreseen the impact of his innovative idea. Firstly, his invention slashed loading and unloading times, substantially reducing the cost of handling. More significantly, he initiated the growth of a massive global industry. Today, his original batch of 58 steel storage containers seems somewhat less noteworthy, given that the total number now exceeds 17 million.

While around 5 million of these are at sea at any given time, the vast majority are onshore. Some await loading at quaysides while others wait for dockyard cranes to unload them or haulage companies to collect them. However, the growing number of empty, unused units has inspired some to explore alternative uses for these iconic metal boxes in recent years. One of the simplest of the various available options is to repurpose them as storage containers.

Depending on what one may wish to store and for how long, it may be unnecessary to make more than a few minor modifications, making this a much cheaper option than purchasing a purpose-built facility. Furthermore, these units are designed to withstand rough handling and extreme weather for 20 years or more. Consequently, they are also likely to be more durable than most alternatives. In addition, their rectangular shape and standard dimensions mean they will fit conveniently on a railcar or flatbed truck should you ever need to move them.


Different Uses for Storage Containers


Storage Containers

The possible uses for storage containers are numerous and may be either short- or long-term. For example, anyone planning some significant structural alterations to their home might find this the perfect option. They can keep their furniture safe from damage and the weather yet within easy reach while the work is in progress. In such cases, it is usually possible to rent a suitably sized unit for the period required. Builders might also find this an ideal means to secure costly materials and equipment whilst not on site. They can also be invaluable for transporting these items between sites.

Converting shipping containers into cold storage units can assist users in adapting to changing circumstances. Adding an insulated lining and a refrigeration unit could provide the perfect means to accommodate extra stock during periods of high demand. Once again, a reputable supplier will offer the option to lease or purchase, as required.

Whatever you may wish to store, whether it be for a couple of decades or just a month or two, Absolute Containers can provide the perfect solution. We sell and lease storage containers from stock or tailored to your unique needs. Click here to explore some of the many exciting possibilities.