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Shipping Container Accommodation Uses in The Mining Industry

How the Use of Mining Shipping Containers can Help Create a More Efficient Industry


The mineral exploitation industry faces numerous challenges, but mining shipping containers are helping to solve some of them. In their basic form, these rectangular metal boxes are an ideal means to transport heavy loads, like equipment and mineral waste. However, with a few modifications, they can be adapted for a far more comprehensive range of functions, many of which are crucial to the operation of this essential core industry. Perhaps the most significant of these is the provision of various forms of temporary and mobile accommodation. Let’s examine some typical applications in more detail.


Mining Shipping Containers Can Provide Excellent Accommodation


Their standard rectangular shape makes these units the ideal starting point when constructing prefabricated temporary buildings. Multiple units can also be combined to create more complex modular structures. Given the harsh environments in which mining is generally conducted, traditional building materials like wood are short-lived. However, the mobile nature of mining precludes more permanent concrete or brick structures. By contrast, steel shipping containers are designed for easy transportation and have an average lifespan of around 25 years. The following types of accommodation are found on most sites.


  • Secure Store


Mining equipment, vehicles, and tools are expensive. There is no better way to store these items securely than a modified shipping container. They must withstand dockside handling and heavy pounding at sea, so they will readily resist attempts to break in while protecting their contents from the elements. Adding a keyless locking system enables restricted and monitored access.


  • Site/Security Office


Adding a few windows, lighting, aircon, and some basic furniture can transform shipping containers into comfortable offices from which a supervisor can monitor surface operations or even underground activities with the aid of CCTV.


  • Test Lab


An on-site test lab can save a mining company valuable time and money. By housing it in a container, the facility can be loaded onto a truck and relocated to wherever it may be needed.


  • Restroom or Comfort Station


These versatile steel boxes can be readily converted into a restroom when fitted with stainless steel toilets, urinals, and sinks. It is relatively simple to add a second unit with shower stalls to provide a fully equipped comfort station.


  • Workforce Housing


Workers’ accommodation can be as comprehensive as necessary. Multiple modules could provide comfortable sleeping, dining, bathing, and recreational areas, plus a convenient laundry facility.


Where to Arrange Mining Shipping Container Conversions


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Accommodation In The Mining Industry