Shipping Container Offices

Shipping Container Offices

We offer container offices in a range of sizes – from basic site offices to luxury corporate offices, with or without insulation and air conditioning. We also offer containers that combine storage and office space. In addition to providing a range of standardised container offices, our expert team can customise office units, adding windows, shelving, carpeting, electrical points, lighting fixtures, extra security features and other amenities according to your specifications. All conversion work is done on our premises. Once we deliver an office container, you can begin using it immediately.


Our office containers are ideal as:

  • construction site offices
  • event administration offices, for exhibits, trade conferences, festivals, concerts or other events
  • portable offices for film shoots
  • permanent office modules, for expanding the office space on your work premises, without having to build from scratch
  • in-plant offices or offices adjacent to manufacturing, storage or processing facilities, to allow in-person administration of local operations.

If a single unit doesn’t provide enough office space for your purposes, we can combine multiple containers into a single, attractive office space.

Why is a Shipping Container Office Right for You?

Shipping Containers are Cost Effective
Shipping container offices can be considerably cheaper than the average office. With second hand shipping containers starting from a few thousand dollars depending on condition, the cost of your office depends on the modifications that are required such as electrical fit-outs, plumbing, doors & windows and air conditioning. Regardless of what you choose – a shipping container office will usually work out to be far more cost effective to building a traditional office.

Shipping Containers are Scalable
Imagine you’ve built an office complex and you suddenly need to take on a lot of extra staff and have run out of room. Building a new office building is costly and takes a significant amount of time. Now imagine you no longer need the offices – what do you do?

With shipping containers, it’s easy. Simply add offices as you require them – and remove or sell them when you don’t need them anymore. They are easily scalable, use a minimum footprint and can even be stacked if required.

Shipping Container Offices are Portable
Does your business change site often? Shipping container offices are portable and easy to transport, whether its short distances on the back of a truck, or overseas in a ship. This makes shipping container offices the ideal solution for businesses that operate in remote areas, are temporary in nature, or simply move around a lot.

Recycling shipping containers is environmentally friendly and sustainable
Sustainability is becoming more and more important these days with dwindling resources, carbon charges and moves towards greener building materials. By up-cycling with products such as second hand shipping containers, you help to conserve precious resources, while saving money.

Do you need some extra pop up office space?
Contact our team at Absolute Containers and we’ll help you find the perfect temporary (or permanent) office space. We’ll show you how to take a simple shipping container, and with some modifications, transform it into the right office for your business.