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Ways Shipping Container Conversions Can Improve Mining Efficiency

Five Ways Shipping Container Conversions Can Improve Mining Efficiency

The primary purpose of those metal boxes on the docksides of all major ports is to facilitate loading and transporting cargo by road, rail, and sea. However, they are often used for only a few journeys. After that, their usual fate was to be sold for scrap or to another one-time user or just left to gather dust. However, around 1987, a man named Philip Clark filed a patent for a method he devised to adapt these metal storage boxes for use as homes. Since then, shipping container conversions have become a global industry with clients in many key sectors, from education and healthcare to construction and mineral exploitation.

In practice, this trend has gained traction in the mining industry, where it has been found to enhance efficiency in five critical ways. Let’s review these in more detail.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

These robust steel boxes were built to last. Even after they are refurbished, they will stand up to extreme weather conditions and the harsh conditions typical of the mining work environment. Under these conditions, you can expect around 25 years of service from shipping container conversions. By comparison, the average wood and vinyl job-site trailer will rarely last longer than five.

Faster Delivery:

Every 24 hours you wait for a new building to be completed and functional means another day it earns no revenue. Compared with the lengthy build times for a conventional brick or concrete structure, modular premises don’t require special foundations. They can be fitted with turnkey electrical and plumbing systems and connected to the existing utility supplies on delivery – usually within just a few weeks of placing the order.

A Mobile Solution:

All shipping container conversions are easily transportable. After all, that’s what they were initially designed for. The mining industry is one in which it is frequently necessary to move job sites. It’s easy to ensure these modular buildings are always close to the workers who need them. Relocating them when necessary means they will spend less time travelling between facilities like the site manager’s office, labs, and restrooms.

A Customised Solution:

There’s no need to compromise with some one-size-fits-all option. Whether you’re seeking workforce accommodation, laundry facilities, a first-aid station, or a locker room, bespoke shipping container conversions offer every facility you need.

Greater Job Satisfaction:

Providing a comfortable, well-appointed working environment has valuable benefits. Miners work in harsh conditions. Once inside these units, there is little evidence of their origin. Instead, attractive décor and finishes create an enjoyable space to relax, clean up, live, or conduct office work. A contented workforce is a productive workforce. Please take some time to learn more about Absolute Containers and our innovative shipping container conversions.