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Shipping Container Conversions Offer Retail Possibilities

When Malcolm McLean, a trucking company owner from North Carolina, introduced the idea of packing marine freight into sturdy, rectangular steel boxes, his insight changed the industry’s future. In 1956, his first shipment transported 58 units loaded onto a specially converted oil tanker named the “Ideal X” from Newark to Houston. Today, while more than 225 million of these metal boxes are shipped annually, companies that perform container conversions have found many alternative but equally practical uses for McLean’s invention.


Three features of these steel storage vessels account for the exceptional versatility that has led to many varied uses, the first being their rigid construction. Secondly, in addition to shipment by sea, they are also suitable for transportation by road and rail. Finally, they are available in several standard sizes that differ mainly by their length. Together, these features provide an ideal starting point for the wide range of modular structures now driving worldwide demand for innovative container conversions.


In addition to oxygen and shelter, humans will always need food and drink, which is a fact that has led to the widespread proliferation of supermarkets, small retailers, cafes, and restaurants. Unfortunately, the cost of purchasing or renting business premises in most countries, including South Africa, is now at an all-time high. High prices have been forcing many to abandon their plans to start a new business or expand an existing one. Many of those who find themselves in this situation are now approaching companies that specialise in creating more affordable business premises through innovative container conversions.


A single refurbished unit might be enough for a reasonably basic spaza shop. However, joining two or more units together can provide sufficient accommodation for a large kitchen and a bar area for anyone interested in opening a restaurant. Either way, it is often possible to rent one of these durable steel structures to house your business rather than buying one. There is probably no quicker or cheaper means to realise your dream of a fast-food outlet, a pop-up coffee shop, or a trendy snack bar than one of these popular container conversions.


The possibilities are endless. Other projects include site offices for construction companies, teaching facilities such as classrooms and science labs, and even healthcare facilities like mobile clinics and vaccination centres. Only the builder’s imagination limits the possible applications for these modular building blocks. One company in South Africa would appear to have no such limitations. Whatever your interest might be, talk to us at Absolute Containers about our wide range of superior quality yet highly affordable container conversions to launch your business venture.