Shipping Container Accommodation – Housing Alternatives

Shipping Container Accommodation – Housing Alternatives

Accommodation units can be constructed by using shipping Containers or prefabricated buildings that provide a fast, temporary or permanent living space and have become a great solution to those needing mobile housing units.

The robustness of shipping containers can be used to build beautiful container homes in unique designs. Here at Absolute Containers, we can assist you with constructing an accommodation unit by providing you with a housing solution by converting decommissioned shipping containers into temporary or permanent homes and commercial accommodation.


At Absolute Containers we offer prefabricated, or prefab and shipping container buildings, which you can live in almost right out of the box. These mobile homes usually come equipped with power, water, and sometimes even central heating and air.

Shipping containers can help provide housing and shelters in this rapidly changing world for many people who need homes. You can think of shipping containers as the building blocks or modular units for the home. Shipping containers can be used in conjunction with factory steel, or lumber site-built structures to form any shape you desire for your home. With just a few adjustments, shipping containers can be used as part of an excellent approach to sound home building.

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