Park Homes For Sale in South Africa

Seeking Park Homes for Sale in South Africa

More South Africans Now Seeking Park Homes for Sale 


During the 1970s, one could purchase a well-appointed four-bedroom house on half an acre in one of Johannesburg’s mid-priced suburbs for between thirty to forty thousand rand. Sadly, those halcyon days are long gone. Inflation and the steady deterioration of the local currency have seen the nation’s average property price rise to an incredible R1 million. While many park homes for sale are only marginally cheaper, modular units constructed from shipping containers are markedly less expensive. These repurposed containers offer a young couple the option of a starter home for as little as 10% of the cost of conventional brick-and-mortar-built structures.




Despite a sharp increase in rents, rental properties are now in short supply, forcing many young people to continue living with parents who purchased their house during better times. For those temporarily unable to afford one of these park homes for sale, it might sometimes be possible to rent one and progress to ownership later, when finances permit.


An Option That’s Eco-friendlier and More Versatile


Though attracting criticism in the past, these unconventional buildings have since undergone numerous improvements to their design and construction. Furthermore, a home created from shipping containers is an eco-friendlier option. It will have a markedly less adverse impact on the environment than one fashioned house from concrete blocks. However, one of the main attractions of these modular units is their potential versatility. When visiting the sales office on a new housing development, you may have a choice of three designs. By contrast, the modular park homes for sale offer a purchaser almost unlimited design possibilities. Only one’s imagination and ceiling price will determine that limit.


Unit Options


Once you have decided on a design that meets your needs, you will have two options: either a simplex or duplex unit. The seller can arrange to conduct the assembly elsewhere and deliver the finished unit to your nominated location or undertake the entire operation at your chosen site.


Factors to Consider


While modular buildings have made owning your own home far cheaper, a word of caution is necessary. Banks will not generally grant a bond on park homes for sale. Therefore, you will need to take out a personal loan, pay cash, or consider a temporary rental agreement. Also, unlike brick-and-mortar houses, their value is unlikely to appreciate significantly. So, think of your purchase as affordable and comfortable living quarters rather than an investment prospect.


That said, the benefits far outweigh such concerns and could be the only way for a growing number of people to get onto the property ladder. Absolute Containers have the skill, imagination, and resources to deliver world-class park homes for sale at highly competitive prices. Contact us today for more details.