Shipping Containers for Sale

4 Affordable, Off-The-Grid Uses for Repurposed Shipping Containers for Sale

Been listening to a lot of shipping container hype lately? What you probably haven’t seen is just how versatile these plain old cargo boxes are.

Far from hauling cargo across international waters from the east, to the west, containers have become a flexible box that can be utilised in many innovative ways. From creating classrooms for children and putting a roof over the heads of people, to saving retailers loads of money on rentals, here are three off-grid uses of shipping containers.

  1. Keep Cool with a Modpool

If you’ve never considered a DIY swimming pool, it will surprise you to learn just how affordable and stylish containers look once painted, sunk into the ground, and filled with water. Costing a fraction of the price of a traditional swimming pool, these innovative, spacious architectural gems are robust and long-lasting. Once sealed, waterproofed, and painted with anti-corrosive paint, it will last a lifetime. You can also install water temperature controls, jets, and lighting. Plus, it takes no time to set up. Just fill the container with water and you’ll have a modern, stylish pool to keep the kids cool over the December school holidays.

  1. Keep Young Kids Entertained and Safe in a Backyard Playhouse

Young children thrive on being busy, which is a reason to encourage them to imagine and pretend from a young age, and that is where shipping containers save the day. These boxes are mobile and come in various sizes, so you can configure the perfect space that suits your backyard. Paint it, furnish it with a fold-out couch, games, and a TV, and the playhouse will be perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, princess tea parties, or a boys only clubhouse.

  1. Get Productive with a Container Workshop or Studio

With urban spaces getting smaller, you may need extra space to work on a business or private project. The good news is that containers you find for sale make great studios and workshops. With only a few minor adjustments, you can add lighting, plumbing, and windows and doors to create the perfect environment to work, paint, draw, create, write, or study.

  1. Avoid High Rentals with a Container Pop-Up or Art Gallery

Revolutionising the traditional South African spaza shop, small business entrepreneurs are using shipping containers as an opportunity to make money without paying high retail rentals. The size, shape, structural integrity, and customisation potential of these boxes for sale make them the perfect food truck, art gallery, coffee bar, bakery, or any retailer that wants to provide services for sale on the street.