Redefining the Construction Industry With Shipping Container Buildings

Shipping Container Buildings: Redefining the Construction Industry with Modular Design


The constant need for additional infrastructure has enabled construction companies to re-think building techniques by incorporating prefabricated modular designs. One of the innovative methods employed by architects and builders alike is utilising shipping container buildings. In recent years, these sturdy boxes have undergone a remarkable transformation and are now being repurposed as versatile building materials, signifying a shift in construction methods.


As the market trendsetters in customised converted containers and modular solutions, Absolute Containers highlights how shipping container buildings are increasingly influencing the construction industry through several prefabricated and modular design techniques.

Shipping Container Buildings

The Rise of Shipping Container Buildings

The multitude of benefits that shipping containers offer the building industry opens up new possibilities in sustainable construction practices, endless design options, and most importantly, improved efficiency.


  • Greener building techniques – For construction companies that prefer aligning their interests with eco-friendly building strategies, shipping containers provide the ideal solution due to their reusability.
  • Affordability – When you factor in the cost of labour and material expenses, prefabricated containers present a far more affordable alternative.
  • Construction time – New builds often take months to complete whereas the prefabricated design of a container already provides a basic blueprint, significantly cutting down on construction time.
  • Design flexibility – There are no limits to how a shipping container can be used in a build. They can be stacked, placed together, and rearranged into any configuration, giving architects the perfect canvas for bespoke creations.

Unique Building Blocks

The clean lines and industrial charm of shipping container buildings resonate with modern design preferences adding a striking element to both urban landscapes and rural environments.


  1. Residences

The once-niche concept of container homes is now a celebrated design trend, allowing housing developments and future homeowners to have cost-effective homes. From compact single-dwelling residences to multi-storied mansions, the modular design of shipping containers allows for creative layouts.


  1. Commerce

Shipping containers have found new life as unconventional office spaces, pop-up shops, hairdressers, and trendy restaurants, to name a few. Their versatility and portability make them ideal for businesses that prefer to keep costs down while maintaining an aesthetic that is undeniably in vogue.


  1. Public developments

Classrooms, community centres, mobile clinics, and libraries are a few of the practical building solutions that containers offer. The speed at which shipping containers can be set up makes them a game-changer when responding to the need for increased infrastructure and housing emergencies at short notice.

From head-turning commercial spaces to residences that resonate with modern appeal, the potential construction applications of shipping container buildings are limitless.


Changing Perceptions

At Absolute Containers, our skilled operations and dynamic sales team work closely together to provide you with a prefabricated, modular-designed container that meets your specific requirements. Although we are based in Pretoria, we offer our solutions throughout Southern Africa. All you need to do is contact us for affordable and innovative living or working spaces.