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Reasons to Rent a Park Home

Some Compelling Reasons to Rent a Park Home


House prices in South Africa have rocketed. In many areas, an average home can now sell for around R1 million. Not surprisingly, the high selling prices have also led to parallel increases in the cost of rented properties. The situation has seen a growing number of South Africans turning to a less conventional form of accommodation. Rather than insisting on bricks and mortar, they choose to occupy metal dwellings and look for park homes to rent. 


The cost of converting a shipping container into a comfortable dwelling is markedly less than building a conventional brick or concrete structure. In turn, this means that the cost of renting these properties is also correspondingly lower. For many people, the past few years have been particularly difficult due to the lingering effects of a global recession, made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our more unfortunate citizens have been grateful to find any form of shelter. The option of park homes to rent provides a welcome alternative while waiting for better days when it may, once again, be possible to consider leasing a suburban townhouse or even owning your own home.


Understandably, some folks might have second thoughts about living in a converted shipping container. However, those doubters would be pleasantly surprised to discover that a so-called conversion can become a stunning transformation when undertaken by experts, despite its origin. If you thought a metal home might be cold at night or in the winter, forget it. Chromadek roofing and interior walls with 50mm EPS insulation ensure that park homes to rent remain comfortable whatever the weather.


OK, at some time in the past, you may have stepped inside a shipping container and can still remember how noisy your footsteps were. Don’t let that put you off. A quality unit will have rubberised floors that serve as an efficient form of soundproofing and are also pleasantly warm and comfortable underfoot. If you live alone, you will probably find that a six-metre by three-metre unit will provide all the space you need. However, if you require more, Absolute Containers also offers three-metre by twelve-metre park homes to rent.


All units come complete with an electrical system that includes a distribution board, lighting and power points. Aluminium windows with blinds provide daylight and fresh air, while air conditioning will ensure you remain comfortable even during the summer months. While you’re sleeping or out for the day, an aluminium framed composite door with a 3-lever lock will ensure your security. If you are looking for an inexpensive yet comfortable home, chat to Absolute Containers about a stylish new park home to rent.